Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Ride
Skagit Valley, WA
March 30, 1996

From: Stan and Myrna Weikal

Subject: N.W. Presidents Meeting

Steve Hammatt,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all the presidents who were able to enjoy the hospitality of your home yesterday. It is no small task that you undertook. We must give our thanks, also to Phyllis for the grand spread that was laid out for all to enjoy.

I was both suprised and gratified by the large number of presidents that came for this truly International event. 30? bikes nearly 50 riders. Steve will soon be able to provide us with the actual numbers and other vital statistics. As a personal note, I now know that the bike I want would look like Peter McLennan's (famed international rider from Vancover Canada) R100gs.

The weather gave us a break, and we were able to ride in dry weather. The cool nights of the last few weeks has set back the tulip bloom, but there were still flowers to be seen. Steves large garage workshop provided an excellent meeting place. There has been some talk of this becoming an annual event. I would note here that Steve has only just completed this building and by this time next year will not be able to park bike inside, much less have protecting cover for a large group. This is one of those laws of physics that only owners of large buildings understand.

Once again Thank You.

Stan and Myrna Weikal

From: Darryl Richman
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996

Subject: BMW: President's Meeting and Tulip Ride

Well, I thought for certain that we'd hear a number of responses from the assembled 40 or 50 designated eaters and riders at President Hammat's spacious quarters. I, for one, enjoyed myself quite thoroughly, in spite of not receiving the Rat Bike award, which went to someone's appropriately used GS. I still think my RS should get more points for its dirt.

I arrived second, behind Delf who wanted to be first so he could park his red K75S next to Steve's Fly-Yellow K75S. I heard Phyllis, Steve's wife, suggest to Delf something about taking the eyesore with him when he left, "by mistake". Phyllis and Steve had already put out quite a spread, and after a couple cups of coffee to warm my hands, I proceeded to enjoy a bagel. Among the plenty were danish and muffins.

Evenetually a pretty good crowd of people showed up on about 30 bikes. The oldest bike was a '67 R69S equipped with a top trunk. The newest bike was a K11 of some flavor that was bought in February. There were several folks down from BC, including Wes Jackson, although the long distance rider -- hey, I thought T-Mia was supposed to dash up and take this -- went to a rider from all the way down the other side of Tacoma. There were folks from across the sound, like Bob Lawes from Whidbey Island.

Lunch mysteriously replaced breakfast, with cold cuts and cole slaw and a big smoked salmon and a variety of side dishes. Then there was the cake, which Steve had gotten decorated with the IBMWR logo. The awards ceremony was followed by the group photo and banner signing (just kidding).

I waddled back aboard my bike and we took a brisk ride up Chuckanut Drive into Bellingham, and then over to Lake Whatcom and back towards the Emerald City on WA-9. It was a fun time, and I want to thank Steve and Phyllis for putting up with us, and especially for hosting the afair in their purpose-built "garage".

--Darryl Richman

1994 BMW R1100RSA "Wunderrad"
1961 BMW R60/2 "Sleek Black Beauty"
AMA # 238301 BMW MOA #28423
International Oilheads Club #104
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, Ltd. #5224

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