Notes from the Road, 3 of 10

Thursday 8/1/96 10:43 PM Pacific Time
Mountlake Terrace, WA

I wake up this morning with the sound of a crop duster buzzing the area. My host said he couldn't understand why he was crop dusting this time of year. Crops were ready to be harvested. Unless, he said, it was for the bugs which were getting to the trees.

It is a photo perfect day as I head north out of Colton. I feel rested, fresh, ready for another day. The giant, round, golden hillsides are awesome. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. My helmet shield is up and I am letting the cool morning air . . . splat!!!!!!!!!! A bug of monstrous proportions and body fluid content splatters itself right between my eyes.

Captain: Red alert! Shield down! What is our status Mr. Data?

Data: Captain, we seem to have collided with a small life form. The outer skin of the hull has sustained no permanent damage, but there is a copious amount of some sort of sticky fluid.

Worf: Captain, I recommend we power up the phazers and photon torpedoes.

Captain: Stand down, Lieutenant , let's see what they're up to.

Another bug hits my face shield directly in my field of vision.

Data: Shield is holding, Captain, but the life forms are so small that sensors are failing to pick them up.

Captain: Get us out of here Ensign. Warp 9. Engage.

Later, I move up the Wenatchee River on US Hwy. 2. As I pass Cashmere I look for BMW riders and sight of the rally which is to be held there this weekend. I want to stop, but I've decided that I need to spend time with a friend in the Seattle area. Rallies, as good as some are, come and go, but a true friend is rare. I need to be with my friend this weekend.

I've heard of theme parks, but the little town of Leavenworth is a theme town. Although I'm told that there is no real German heritage in this town, the whole town has been converted to resemble a quaint but commercially sly Bavarian village. It is a neat little tourist trap and worth visiting, but for me the road really starts to get interesting after I leave and continue West.

US 2 winds and rises towards Stevens Pass towering 4,061 feet above sea level. Geez, I live in a town on the edge of the plains which is higher in elevation! But the Cascade Mountains are just as beautiful as the Rockies. Besides, you get to ride down almost every bit of that 4,000 feet as you cruise down to sea level in Seattle.

Just on the outskirts of town I'm buzzed again, but this time it is a sea plane not a crop duster. Welcome to the Northwest Maritime.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

"The ideas and concepts which best repay critical examination
are those which for the longest period have remained unquestioned."

-adapted from Alfred North Whitehead

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