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Tuesday 8/6/96
Corte Madera, CA

A perfect morning&emdash;That's what I saw when I looked out on the world for the first time today. A little cool, but clear blue skies were overhead. I got up early so I could make the 80 some odd mile dash from Grant's Pass to Crescent City before the lumbering beasts have awakened (RVs and motorhomes).

At Crescent City I picked up US 101, the Redwood Highway. Awesome, silent, ancient giants lined the highway. They have watched many a traveler pass through the centuries, from Native American wanderers to Jedediah Smith to little old me. They seem immovable and invincible, jutting straight out of the ground like Greek columns. When you walk through the mossy shaded groves it is as if you are walking though some ancient temple where only the pillars have survived. Their age, strength, and beauty filled me with a peace&emdash;the cathedral of the earth.

If you ever get up this way, I recommend you get off US 101 and take the old highway, the Avenue of the Giants. Take your time and leisurely glide along the twisty road through the groves of redwoods. You won't forget it.

By the end of the day I was in the driveway of one of our illustrious presidents, Tom Chilton. He and his wife Nancy treated me like long lost kin (Thanks again Tom and Nancy!). The end of a perfect day.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

"The ideas and concepts which best repay critical examination
are those which for the longest period have remained unquestioned."

-adapted from Alfred North Whitehead

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