Notes from the Road, 6 of 10

Wednesday 8/7/96 8:00 PM PDST
Santa Maria, CA

I knew that I was going to loiter today and it felt good. Once I made it alive through the San Francisco morning commuter traffic, I knew I had a lot to live for and made a bee line to the coast. I turned down Hwy. 1 at Monterey.

There was fog&emdash;did I care? There were driving impaired rubber neckers&emdash;did I mind? There were the dreaded motorhomes&emdash;did I bitch and moan. No, no, and no. Instead, I loitered. I would ride for a while and then pull off&emdash;just sitting and staring and drinking it all in. I was in no hurry to go anywhere. When I saw something that I wanted more than a glance at, I stopped, even if it was just a small piece down the road from where I last stopped. I don't know how many times I pulled my helmet off and on today, but I'm absolutely sure I must have set a record for it. I was so mellow that not even a land yacht (Battlestar Galactica sized) which stopped in the middle of a curve to take pictures could make me freak.

By the time I got to Santa Maria, I was tired but with a sense of satisfaction and completion. This is what I really needed&emdash;a little decompression. Maybe I'll just loiter some more tomorrow. I'm not getting anywhere fast because my head has already arrived.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

"The ideas and concepts which best repay critical examination
are those which for the longest period have remained unquestioned."

-adapted from Alfred North Whitehead

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