TwinMax Synchronizer

By John Baxter <>

The following excerpt was from an earlier post I made to Anthony Toglia:

"Also, since precision synching my throttle bodies with the electronic TwinMax, I am experiencing a totally new world of smoothness and response over the entire operating range, and gas mileage went up from 41 mpg avg to 46. No servicing dealer on my Roadster (3 different dealers) has ever come even close to this level of synching and the resultant smoothness. Now I can really feel what the BMW engineers designed into this machine!!! It continues to amaze me after a week, the total feeling of engine precision and smoothness is so enhanced. Such small adjustments to the bypass screws and right throttlebody cable makes a whopping difference. Maybe I should bring it (the TwinMax) and some wrenches and do a Dumb-Dumb School throttle body synch session at the Fontana Rally. My clock now reads 28.9 K and I have a new rear Battlax tire in the living room for the Sep 25th Level 2 Superbike school at Watkins Glen."

At the request of a few folks I will briefly describe the TwinMax unit for the benefit of others who may be interested.

The TwinMax is an electronic differential depression gauge. Housed in a case about 5" x 3" x 1-1/2", it has an illuminated "null" meter, a zero knob and a sensitivity knob, two clear plastic vacuum hoses with rubber reducers to fit throttle body/carb nipples, and power supply cord with a BMW male accessory plug so that you can plug it right into the bike.

Place the unit on the seat, plug up the vacuum tubes to the throttle bodies, plug the power cord in and you are ready to PRECISION synch the machine. This unit is very, very sensitive, but I don't own mercury carb stix so I can't make a sensitivity comparison between it and stix. When this instrument is set at maximum sensitivity, I swear you can see the needle swing from side to side at idle as each cylinder takes a gulp. The unit is very simple to operate and easy to carry around to tech sessions, no mercury to spill etc.

After using this tool to synch my throttlebodies I have achieved a whole new world of smoothness like never before! Turbinelike? Almost!

I bought my TwinMax at the Finger Lakes Rally a coupla weeks ago. Frank Cooper, formerly of Capital Cycle, has his own business now and is the U.S. distributor for the made-in-France Twinmax. Price is $99.95 and it can be had with regular battery clips if you want. It can also be used on triples and fours or whatever, just leave one vacuum tube connected to the first cylinder, and synch the rest of the carbs/throttle bodies with the first one. Be sure to tell him that you have a BMW so he can fit the proper rubber reducers (nipple adapters) to your kit.

His company (also known as Design Ink) is Adventure Motorcycles Gear, P.O. Box 366, Springfield VA 22150, phone/fax 703-913-7261. All the normal disclaimers apply, I have no interest in his company.

Frank will probably have his booth set up at Fontana.

Information about the TwinMax may have already been circulated on the lists, but since I'm currently unsubbed, I don't know. Sorry for the bandwidth if this product has already been reviewed.

When I heard Joe Katz recommend the unit at the Finger Lakes Oilhead tech session, I went right over and bought one.

This is one hell of a product and it gives you one hell of a synch job.

John B.
Portsmouth, VA

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