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Technical Articles for Type R259 R850/R1100/R1150/R1200 BMWs

Disclaimer: All material contained herein retains the original author's copyright. The material presented here is not intended to take the place of knowledge, expertise, competence or common sense in the repair and maintenance of your motorcycle. If you are uncertain about what you are doing in the maintenance of your motorcycle, please seek competent, knowledgeable help. Remember to check Local, State, and Federal laws before making any modifications to your Motorcycle.

General Maintenance

R11xx Tune Up Manual (PDF file) - Carl Kulow and company - updated 02/2002

R11xxGS Maintenance Manual (PDF file) - Carl Kulow (01/2002)

Fuel System and Tuning


Repairs and Information


Important Information: On 11/13/98 BMW NA issued service bulletin #2851 regarding "Tampering/Non BMW Approved Modifications". This service bulletin states that a warrantee claim for repairs on your motorcycle could be denied if a "causal" relationship can be shown between a modification or use of non-approved parts and the mechanical failure.  For more information please contact your dealer. And please take the time to read Rob Lentini's thoughts on this issue. Following soon after Service Bulletin #2851, BMW NA issued Service Bulletin #2852 with even tighter restrictions that could void your warranty.

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