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[BMWMc] GasCard - Evaporative Fuel Filler Nozzle Key Tool Fix
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2024 00:39:18 -0800 From: Shel Ritter <shelritter> To: bmwmc Subject: [BMWMc] GasCard - Evaporative Fuel Filler Nozzle Key Tool Fix Hack Message-ID: <CH3PR84MB3424BFA7797D2A4456E4607AD1792> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8; format=flowed I finally got fed up with the hassle of having to hold back the clumsy evaporative fuel filler nozzle here in CA every time I fill up my old R90/6, and started googling searches for some solution. I stuck gold when I landed on this post on the Adventure Rider forums: Made By Inmates, For Inmates ? Gas Card Here's a video showing just how simple this solution works: <> I eventually tracked down an email address for Alex, the guy who thought this up: There he writes: "Please Venmo or paypal to nilmez If you use paypal please make it a Friends transaction so I can continue to offer free shipping. One for $5 or five for $20, or any number in between." I ordered 2 that arrived a few days back, and got the chance to try one out on a ride yesterday. I was wondering if it was going to work on the nozzles at all CA gas stations, so I stopped at a few stations I frequent just to test it. Sure enough, each nozzle had that slightly raised collar 4-5 inches from the end that the Gascard first slips over, and then slides down behind and locks. I see these being sold on Ebay and other places on the net, and just wrote Alex again asking if he gets a cut on all sales. I'm guessing he's not. In his last email he asked if I could spread the word about his Gascards. So after texting a friend on Facebook, I immediately thought of the IBMWR lists, and all the CA riders folks on these lists know who might be interested. And CA's not the only state where cyclists could use these (see the map on the 1st link above). I bought two, and slipped them into the pockets of my 2 motorcycle jackets. I couldn't be more pleased. Shel Long Beach, CA -- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. ------------------------------ Subject: Digest Footer ---------- Article Copyright (c) IBMWR and the author(s). All rights reserved. BMWMc mailing list at subscribe/unsubscribe at: ------------------------------ End of BMW-Digest V2024 #2 ************************** Back to the top of this digest | To the next digest
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