Copyright FAQ

This FAQ will hopefully acquaint you with our restrictions on the use of the IBMWR name, logo, and other intellectual property (such as all content located on the IBMWR website.) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Q. Is the material on the IBMWR website copyrighted?

A: Yes it is. All of the material on the IBMWR website is the protected property of the Internet BMW Riders, or the protected property of and used with the permission of the original author or owner. This includes all written works, photographs, artwork, and any other such original work.

Q: Can I link to the IBMWR site?

A: Maybe. This is an increasingly tricky question. As of now, the web has basically three types of links and we have an answer for each.

1. Straight links. A straight link is a link to another site using the name of the site in text hyper-text linked to the site through the use of the site's URL. For example, the IBMWR. We freely permit this type of link.
2. Framed In Link. This type of link "captures" a site's content in the frame of another site through the use of the HTML frame function. The IBMWR does NOT permit this type of link under any circumstance. Any use of frames to capture IBMWR content will be viewed as an impermissible and unauthorized use of IBMWR property.
3. Captured Content Link. This type of link captures content by bringing content from another site into the referencing site through the use of a URL. While this is used mainly to capture photo and voice files from another site, there are as many uses as there are different types of files. The IBMWR does NOT permit this type of link to IBMWR content.

Q: Can I copy things found on the IBMWR site?

A: No, pure and simple. The things found on the IBMWR site represent many countless hours of work, not only by those who wrote the words or took the pictures, but by those who formatted the information and built the pages. If you want to reference IBMWR material, use a straight, non-framed link to the site with the URL

Q: What if I just want to print something out so I can read it later?

A: Using the IBMWR website for Your personal use is encouraged! We know that it would be quite difficult to perform a spline lube with a computer monitor balanced on the swingarm. However, any reproduction or copying of any sort for any use other than your own non-commercial, personal and individual use is strictly forbidden unless you have explicit written permission from the IBMWR.

Q: What about all of this IBMWR merchandise I see? Can I make some too?

A: "IBMWR" has appeared on many things over the last few years, for the most part to generate funds for worthy causes. There have been license plates to benefit the children of a fallen rider and T-shirts, pins & stickers to help defray the cost of the IBMWR website and mailing list. In late 1995 an IBMWR pin order went astray and many people lost money to an individual that not only kept all of the pin order money, but also kept donations to the IBMWR and even the IBMWR-paid for pins. Because of this incident, any plans to make, market or otherwise distribute merchandise that uses either the IBMWR name, logo or any other IBMWR property must be approved by the IBMWR.

Q: We really like your website, and would like to capture it along with several other Motorcycle Websites onto a CD-Rom to sell to people. Is that OK with you?

A: No, No, No, No!...It is NOT OK! As this FAQ plainly states, all of the material on the IBMWR website as well as the IBMWR name, design & logo are copyrighted property of the Internet BMW Riders (The IBMWR) and protected against such unauthorized use!